Monday, September 22, 2008

Buka Puasa


Alhamdulillah, I'm done with my buka puasa. Up to today, I haven't gone even once to any buka puasa buffet let alone any buka puasa invitation (including the one that I was supposed to arrange *yikes yikes yikes*). Oh wait, I actually accepted a buka puasa invitation last Sunday. Fine, that was the only one.

Anyways, every (well, that's definitely an exaggeration here, of course NOT EVERY) blog I visited during this holy fasting month featured the food they're having or rather the food they had if not for iftar, for sahur.

Well, I think ermm I haven't disclosed any Iftar food (yet) because I am not the cook at home. Not even that, I'm actually the third cook in the house after my mom and the maid (the fourth if my cousin is still living in). Tihihi :D. When Mommy's around, I better retreat. Hey, I actually prepared once that is Asam Pedas Ikan Parang (yang vadevah bg mak, tp masin bagi mak mak, okay? Got it?). That's it! That would be the last time I prepared food for iftar this year.

Actually, I would only reach home everyday (the earliest) on 6.00 PM. And that's very very rare (usually close to 7.00 PM). So my dear Mother (and dear Maid) would have prepared (or is preparing) the food by the time I reach home! Oh alasan, alasan... kalau dah malas masak tu mengaku je lah..

Oh dear, this evening, when we were eating, dear Sofea showed her unusual tantrums. Being the meanest (I mean meanest) mother on Earth, I ignored her until I finished my serving. Berguling lah dia kat lantai tu. Adoi, sabar je lah kitorang laki-bini tadi. Mama nak buka puasa, nak oiiii.

FORTUNATELY, my dear parents were not in. If not, paham-paham je lah kalau ada campurtangan pihak luar ni kan. Elok-elok nak ajar anak, terus jadi lain. Tak nak la nanti CPMS buat filem 'Anakku Sofea' pulakkan. Hahaha, funny me, I know. :P

That's the story of my iftar today.