Sunday, September 28, 2008

What Day Is Today?

Oh God, I forgot. I thought it was Saturday, my boring day.

We went to Pavilion this morning (after contemplating to go between KLCC, The Gardens and Pavilion). In fact, I told everybody that we're going to KLCC. My purpose of going out was to get a foundation brush. The one from Body Shop that I have is kinda oily after I washed it with my Cleansing Oil (bijak...bijak...).

So I got a new one from BB plus the cleanser. I love the BB staff because she didn't even persuade me to get extra things. She even told me that the longer I stay, the more I'd buy. Hehe, baik kan? (Padahal nak halau mak :P)

And you know what, I'm starting to love Benefit already especially the Benetint!

I bought its Justine Case for this coming Raya getaway. Bersungguh la nak raya tu...

I love everything inside the case! EVERYTHING!

I bought the eye palette too (again, for this coming Raya getaway). But to me, the palette is biasa-biasa aja. I was interested because it has eyebrow color and it comes with brushes. So I don't have to bring my eyeliner pencil and my mini brush kit (I have BB's mini eye palette but it doesn't come with the brush).

I still love the one from BB, but the price was more expensive and I don't think I'd be able to use all 7 colors.

p/s: Sakan membeli. Sekali kat kampung, malas nak pakai :P