Monday, September 29, 2008

The End Of My Hard Disk's Life

Last week, we went to a data recovery center at Low Yat to see if my HD could be saved.

Hmm, you guessed it (hence the title). Software recovery; could no longer be done.

Actually, I could still try doing the hardware recovery, but the cost (for my hard disk size) was RM2200!!!! Oo la la. Came to think of it, I didn't think it was worth trying. But ALL my picture collections, scrap collections were gone (work-related:didn't matter :P) .


Not that I didn't do backup but, doing backup was rather not my ritual. You see, I actually did backup for my then PC in the HD. And now that the backup was also lost, I was lost too! I should have noticed that my HD was problematic since last year when I first having difficulty accessing it.

So people, (like what Cik Yan said: Backup rules!) please add backup other than shopping and blog-hopping as your (at least) weekly ritual.<--Look who's talking :P

p/s: Oh, it's my husband's birthday today!

p/p/s: Demam Heroes (juga di sini, sini dan akhir sekali di sini) kembali lagi. Muahahahahahahaha.