Monday, October 6, 2008

4th Of Syawal

It's kinda belated entry.

We celebrated the 4th day of Syawal at Pavilion. Well, actually we were celebrating Hubby's belated birthday which was on this day. Earlier, I wanted to go to KLCC because I was craving for Chilli's food (whose birthday that I was talking about just now?) but Hubby resisted (okay, now we're back to the topic) :P.

At Pavilion, we didn't know where to eat - we wanted to try Al-Amar but,... the restaurant was for very quiet and very fine dining (or so we thought). Knowing our daughter's unpredictable behavior, we dared not to give a try. And we opted for Toni Roma's instead (again!). It's like pay back time, huh? And I ordered the ribs (again).

Before going home, we entered Parkson and I settled with my beauty range from Jurlique. OMG, the SA was like keeping on persuading or rather pestering me to get one thing after another! She seemed like wanting me to buy EVERYTHING on the counter, seriously! But I had a strong faith at that time, Alhamdulillah. Hehe, if not... boleh habis 4 digits jugak kat situ nanti. :P. I only settled with cleansing lotion and moisturizer which were indeed in my need list. With the purchase, I received an amount of voucher from Parkson. And we spent the RM for Sofea's toy.

Now, here's the story of Sofea at the Toy's Storey. This little girl (I tell you) showed her hysterical tantrum in the public! I was like, WHY BABY, WHY??? I was in disbelief just now. You see, when we went out alone, she behaved very well. I don't know if just now, when her father was around, she wanted to gain some extra attention from him or maybe she wanted to show him that she was a big girl already, that she knew what she wanted (she was crying over some Barbie toy). Or,... maybe something else which I couldn't write in here (you see, children were not always to be blamed) ;).

Anyways, we bought Dora Mega Bloks for her - we let her choose between the blocks and a Barbie bag. She chose the blocks. Back at home, we anak-beranak berebut-rebut to play and to build! Mega Bloks is so cool! ;)