Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kaki Gagak

One day, a makeup artist told me that I have a few fine lines in (at? on? I am bad in preposition) my eye area. I was shocked (duhh...). Actually I was shocked because I really took care of my eye area. I apply my eye gel or eye cream twice a day without fail! How come there were still visible lines??!!

The makeup artist said, I had BIG eyes (eh, since when???) - big eyes are prone to early-wrinkle. Arrghhh!

As a result, I bought another eye cream last Friday. That makes a total number of 3 bottles of eye creams in my possession.

Of course, this number does not include the eyecon (mini pack) in my Justine Case which I had bought before raya.

p/s : Saya sangat paranoid dengan kaki gagak, saya tahu. ;)