Monday, October 27, 2008

Today's Virtue : Lovingness

One of our cats had just littered three lovely kittens. On Saturday morning, while my daughter and I were watching them, I thought I could relate the love affection that the Mother Cat showed and talk about lovingness between a mother and a child with her.

Mama : Sofea, tengok Mama kitten tu, dia sayang sangat dekat the kittens. The kittens pun sayang Mama dia.
Sofea : Kittens tu sayang Mama dia, ya? Mana Abah dia?

Mama : Abah dia yang White yang dekat luar tu.
Sofea : Oh. Mana Atok dia?

Mama : (Errr.. think for a while). Atok dia takde, dah mati. (Penipuan berlaku di sini)
Sofea : Atok dia Cacat ya, Mama? (Cacat was our cat who had died long time ago)

Mama : Bukan, bukan Cacat. Atok kittens tu duduk kat tempat lain. Mama pun tak kenal Atok kittens tu, tak pernah jumpa.
Sofea : Atok kittens tu kena gigit dog ya, Mama?

Mama : Bukan. Atok kittens tu kucing lain la.
(Tu lah akibatnya kalau menipu budak-budak :P)

You see, my daughter always (ALWAYS) think that a family must consist of a child, a mother, a father, and grandparents. I just can't imagine if she was raised by either one of us. I just can't and I don't want to imagine.

I couldn't remember how I managed to cut the conversation but one thing I know is, after reading this entry, I love my daughter even more. I just wish that I would not simply lose my temper on her.

p/s: I love you, Sofea