Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gila Berus

Last Friday, I brought Sofea to KLCC. When I told Hubby we went there, he like "Buat apa? Pegi mana?".

I was like, "Eh... ada lah. Kenapa?" (Cuak ke? Haha) I should do this often. (Sayang, if you read this, don't be mad. Some decent spark won't do any harm :P)

Anyways, I bought some MORE brushes (although I already have the mini brush set). Gila berus ke tak, saya ni? Bukannya mak andam ponnn nak beli berus lebih-lebih.

I bought its foundation too (to compare with the one from Chanel, Lift Lumiere or something). Err,.. but I don't REALLY like this one from Bobbi Brown - so not covering. When the SA showed me the amount due, I was shocked. Haha, amik kau! Then she quickly said, "Don't worry, we'll give you some freebies".

To which I added, "Bagi banyak-banyak sikit, ya?". Haha, dah bagi betis, nak peha.

Anyways, I got this

Okay lah, kan? I gave some to the maid.

Oh, oh, I bought That Gal too! So that I can be that girl.