Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Day I Lost My...

...wisdom tooth.

It was my first experience ever! I went to see the dentist this yesterday morning for a follow-up. The pain had subsided - I thought the doctor won't do anything to my tooth! But... I lost a tooth and got 2 stitches.

So, Zufa what your Ibu said about not-feeling-anything-during-the-surgery was true and what Pink Mama said about her experience was true too! You know what, I was even thinking about what you guys said while the doctor was doing his job.

Okay, here's my experience. The doctor asked me how wanted to go about it. I thought I didn't want to do any extraction but the doctor seemed to be able sensing my thought and immediately said, "We still need to remove a tooth, but which tooth, it's you to decide".


Okay, last week, when I visited the dentist, he told of the options I could choose.

  1. To remove the wisdom tooth. But the process will be quite complicated and he has to cut the bone to do the extraction.
  2. To extract the tooth in front and let the wisdom tooth come out. When it comes out, some bracket needs to be fixed to it to adjust its position.

Option 2 seemed simpler. So when I got home, I told my mom about this but guess what she said? My mom said "Hish tak pernah dibuat orang nak buat camtu".

*Double gulp*

So yesterday, I had the surgery. I chose Option 1. It is true that you won't feel anything during the bone cutting. It is also true that wisdom tooth extraction is very painful. It is true that you'd feel sengal-sengal after the local anesthesia has lost its effect. And the sensation after that, like I said earlier, was like having an episiotomy, no kidding. I think it is even worse because, you've got to use your mouth like every second; unlike episiotomy - you wouldn't want to have sex when the stitch is still there would you?

Grrrr.... swallowing your own saliva, drink, eat, talk and what more cough was a chore when you just had a dental surgery!