Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Greedy Me

I bought this pack

when I was not even half-way through Thanks For The Memories. I thought I was gonna like them all (still hoping, actually).

Well, about Thanks For The Memories (I like this book more than PS I Love You), it was about a woman, Joyce who had had to do blood transfusion after her miscarriage, whom later realized that she was behaving like (or at least had the memories of) the blood donor, Justin. She always had dreams where she didn't have any idea of them at all. She could speak Italian, Latin and French which she had never ever learnt before. And for some reason, they (Justin and Joyce) kept bumping each other and thought they knew each other.

Well, hmmm, I wish I could have at least a drop of Adolf Hitler's blood. Why not? After all, I am Adolf Hitler (check my Facebook). ;)