Thursday, January 15, 2009

Selagi Ada Uang...

I will shop, shop, shop, shop (sing it the way Baby Bop sings) and spend like there's no tomorrow.

So what I'd do to prevent the disaster is...

...cut 45% from my salary and chuck it to somewhere else.

Actually, when you (or maybe just me) see 45%, we'd think that it is such a BIG amount, and we'd end up not saving as much. I read somewhere before (from a flyer or something) that you can categorize your monthly savings this way:

10% for savings
10% for long-term investment
10% for education
10% for self-reward
5% for charity

With this 45% savings, we are left with 55% of our salary to survive. And if you cannot survive with this 55% (meaning the 55% is not enough for your monthly survival), then you've got to change your life style or get an extra income or find another job. (I read this from that flyer too!)

So, instead of asking people how do they spend their money, we should ask "How do you save your money?".