Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bogus Problem

Have you been listening to Hitz.fm in the morning where they have this slot called "Bogus Problem"?

Well, during last weekend, my daughter was not well. And was behaving like a PMSed lady - her mood was swinging from 0 degree to 180 degrees and back to 0 degree. She would throw a kick to either one of us (penangan Ultraman jahanam) for no reason. And cried, and cried, and cried.

So, Hubby tried to use his usual reverse psychology method. He told our daughter "Sofea, kalau Sofea main sepak-sepak lagi, nanti Tuhan potong kaki Sofea. Nanti Sofea takde kaki nak jalan nanti".

And this kid simply answered with her usual highest confidence level, "Ala,.. nanti belilah kaki baru..." <-- Bogus Bagus punya solution

Hubby was speechless. I, as usual was trying all my might to suppress my laugh. And then, we continued chit-chatting on different topics.