Sunday, February 1, 2009

God Is Testing Me

It happened yesterday, when we were going to the clinic for our daughter's check-up and nebulizer, where there was a BIG splash of disgorged matter just right in front of the clinic's entrance, right next to the door where my daughter was being seated. I had to carefully guide my daughter to step out of the car without stepping on the splash. Asking her to use the other door is out of the question (no questions, please). God is testing me, I said to myself.

On our way back home (I mean when we were just being seated in the car), we smelled something horrible. I thought somebody must had stepped onto the vomit-splash. Apparently not, but Sofea had stepped onto something worse - the cat's dung! Ngeeeeee.......... God is testing me!. We continued our ride home with all 4 windows wound down (I wished the windscreen could be wound down too), and Sofea were force sit to still. (I wonder why we hadn't thought of just throwing her sandals before continuing our journey, hmmm...)

Back at home, we started getting busy giving medicine to Sofea. It was the most tiring thing to do I tell you. Enough with all the sweet-talking and reasoning and justification already, she didn't buy them. Even toilet-detention threat didn't scare her. She didn't budge. We had no other choice (that we could think of) but to use the mandatory force-and-shoot method. She was howling like a mad dog when we forced her to take the medicine (antibiotic particularly - that's why I prefer not to start antibiotic course on her) and spat 2 times. The patience air was getting thinner (and Hubby and I had to survive with it) before we exploded. Kabooom!!!!! God is testing me, God is testing me, God is testing me...

After that, I did a face-to-face session with my daughter. I asked her if she knew why we were angry with her. She said she knew (but maybe didn't understand). We big-hugged each other. I asked her "Cakap apa?" (I always do this so that she would know how and when to apologize). She mumbled in her weep. I asked again, "Cakap apa?". Then she said...

"Thank you" (SAY WHAT?????) I hold my breath and hugged her tighter so that I won't burst a big laugh (I was expecting her apology, just so you know). God is testing me... (for having a witty and yet naive daughter).

This morning, Hubby was sending her to the clinic again for the nebulizer. I chose not to follow them because I needed a time-out. At the door, Sofea asked "Mama tak ikut ke Abah?". Hubby replied, "Tak...". "Nanti siapa nak jaga Mama?". Again I thought, God is testing me... And I thank Him for that.

The only thing I (We) need now is just a little patience.

And just now, just very very now, she spilled some water (I knew she did it purposely) on the sofa and wet 80% of the clothes she was wearing. I was so angry that I took a deep breath , clenched my teeth and told warned her softly "Jangan cakap dengan Mama lagi". She replied "Habis tu, Sofea nak cakap dengan siapa?". I wanted to say Kertas or Meja or something alike but instead I told her "Pergi cakap dengan Ride tu" (what on earth was I thinking - no, I wasn't thinking when I told her that). And guess what she said?

"Ala... Ride tu tak boleh cakap..." so innocently. I suppressed my laugh until tears came out of my eyes. O God, are you still testing me?