Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Thing I REALLY CANNOT Stand (It Happened Yesterday)

Okay, this time it is for real.

Yesterday, as I was just 2-km away from, I tailed (in quite a distance) a car. A blue car (okay, this is not relevant).

Initially I thought the driver was normal as we were just shifting to the first gear (well, as for me it's D) after a green light. Apparently,...... this driver was driving me crazy because she was cruising sooooo slowwwwww like there's always tomorrow. Oh my God! She would slow-almost-stall at every corner, at every elevation. And I couldn't overtake her - okay, basically I was too lazy to overtake because I would have adrenaline rush if I did it and I didn't feel like to have any.

It must be a manual car (the car she was driving) then, no?

I honked, I tailgated (I know it's bad and I too would feel annoyed when I was tailgated), but the driver seemed did not understand the car language.

I know it's cool (but not hot :p) to drive a manual car but, please please please... do not slow down like a snail or something on the road like that.

p/s: Mind my PMS.