Monday, February 23, 2009

Time... Time...

I wish I had more time. But it's impossible.

Every morning, I have only about 15 minutes to make myself and make my daughter in between. It is so stressful.

Tell me, how can one survive without a maid? Tell me, please.

I personally think I cannot survive doing my everyday routine without a maid. Boleh la, nak survive kalau setakat rumah berselerak, rumah berhabuk, bilik air berlumut, periuk belanga menimbun kat dalam sink, peti sejuk berkerak, baju menimbun, etc.

The thing is, I cannot stand living in/with those things. In the end, I know that I would do everything and as a result, my energy would be drained and I will not be able to spend my quality time my family. This is what I see if I do not have a maid.

A maid is not hired to take over the role of a housewife in every working mother nor only to make the house shiny as a star. A maid is hired to help the employer with the petty things (I'd say), so that the employer can still spend quality time with their family members. Isn't this ideal?