Sunday, February 8, 2009

What Did We See At The Zoo?

Yup, today we went to Zoo Negara. Sofea was ready since (early in the) morning and asked "Mama, lambatnya nak pergi Zoo ni?". Oh, oh, oh. It was only 10.00 a.m and we actually planned to go there after Zuhr prayer.

What's new at the zoo? Hmmm... Seriously, I can't tell. Same old elephants, giraffes, tigers, lions and err.. that giant tortoise!!! (Well, who doesn't remember?). If I'm not mistaken, I go to the zoo every year. Maybe that's why I can't tell what's new there.

My daughter was only interested with the lions and the tigers. She even asked "Mama, nak masuk kat situ?". Ewahhhh....... suka-suki je nak masuk kandang rimau, ye? And being a fussy-about-smell person, she kept repeating "Apa busuk ni?" "Bau apa ni, Mama?" and etc. Oh, she even asked if she could see dolphins there. No dear, Zoo Negara doesn't have dolphins (kann??).

Other than that, I got a spot of bird's dropping on my new Munaw (no kidding)!!!! Habis saham Munaw gua. Cillakak punya bangau!

Pictures (of the animals) will be uploaded later, alligator!