Sunday, April 26, 2009


I told you my daughter was not feeling well, didn't I?

Last night, she still had a series of muntah-muntah. Her body temperature had risen too (I didn't measure, but I knew it was higher than the normal one). Poor baby... I knew she would be sick if she was exposed to hot, sunny weather for long.

But, I don't know, during her Sports day yesterday, I would say the organiser was not sensitive enough about small children (or more accurately, toddlers) like Sophia. They were asked to sit under the sun for like (maybe) half an hour.

After Sophia had received her prize, I asked the organiser if Sophia could be excused from sitting under the hot sun waiting for the prize giving ceremony ended. You know what was the answer?

"Panas memang la panas. Orang lain pun panas jugak... nanti kalau dia balik, orang lain pun nak start balik..." (In a soft tone - not that annoying)

I felt like throwing my daughter's prize right on her face. Tak tau ke anak aku ni tak sihat? Tak tau ke anak aku ni dah lama dah ajak balik? Come on lah, my daughter is only 3 years old and SICK!

Hmm,.. I sounded like an over protective mom, no? But I know my daughter's limit - yes, she easily gets dehydrated and then fall sick if she perspires excessively. I'll be as protective as yesterday until she knows the importance of water.