Monday, May 11, 2009

Bandung Day 1

Our flight was delayed for 1 hour on our departure day. So we ended up waiting at the LCCT for a mere 3 hours! I brought Sophia her coloring book (and Hubby my Netbook) so they wouldn't easily get bored. Thank God it worked on that day.

Did you know that Air Asia now has numbered seating? Well, I didn't know until we were about to depart. Maka tak perlu lah kita berkiasu untuk beratur paling depan sekali selepas ini .;)

So I thought LCCT was the most lousy boring airport. But, when we reached at Bandung Airport (whatever the name is), I thought LCCT was like KLIA when it was compared to Bandung Airport. Can you imagine, the immigration counter (or gate) was where the baggage claim and also the waiting area. It was just a small place (or rather a room) with EVERYTHING inside it. We were fetched by Pak Rama - a very, very recommended supir. Thanks to MN, who took charge of this supir arrangement.

The Airport - seen from the parking area

We checked into Hotel Mutiara - we bought a package from Air Asia. It was a nice hotel - after all, we only needed a place to sleep for our days in Bandung.

Our trip in Bandung started with lunch at Simpang Raya restaurant. They served Nasi Padang. Nice food, I loved it!!! But sadly, no pictures were taken (maybe MN managed to snap a few).

Then we were brought to Rumah Mode. Hubby said the place was haven for Sophia's clothes. I said nothing because I bought nothing (for me) there. :|


Bukan Sophia - entah anak siapa. Comel banget!!!

After that we went to Grande and Blossom(s??) boutiques. I couldn't remember if we were brought to somewhere else somewhere in between because those factory outlets were so-so to me.

I think this picture was taken at Blossom(s??)

Before dinner, the husbands were asking is there was any Sports factory outlet. The answer was YES indeed. The name was Cioda something - it was a small place, but they loved it. And to our disbelieves, next to the outlet was a Rumah Tas (couldn't remember the name though).

The kids were enjoying themselves too!

We went for dinner right after that because the kids seemed really exhausted and getting cranky. We had dinner at some fast food restaurant (something like Laksa Shack here in Malaysia). Our first day ended there.