Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bandung Day 4

I feel like I no longer have the enthusiasm to write our travel diary. Hmmph *sigh*. Nevertheless, here's day 4.

We checked out from Hotel Mutiara and moved to a Guest House recommended by the supir. Like what MN wrote, the website is Memang rupa itulah (dalam website) Guest House yang diperkatakan. Well I don't know whether the accommodation is near to shopping places or not, but the supir said Pasar Baru is 10 minutes away from the Guest House. Or maybe, the downtown is 10 minutes away.

After that, we went straight to Pasar Baru. The supir dropped us and said he would come back at 1 o'clock (local time). I HATE Pasar Baru. Okay, I think I have to rephrase that. I HATE the touts at Pasar Baru. Gila babeng, nak jalan pun kena sekat. Kalau orang dah cakap TAK NAK, buat muka tak puas hati as if nak PAKSA kita beli. WTF?! Ngeng betullah.

Okay in Pasar Baru, I shopped at 3rd floor (Haji and Umrah floor)- that floor seemed aman sikit.

We had our lunch at Rumoh Melayu (note the 'rumoh' spelling). They served masakan Melayu which we all loved so much. And it had Wifi too! (Kena update tempat-tempat yang ada Wifi ni - khusus untuk blogger tegar) Haha.

And then, we continued our shopping activity at The Secret (went there for the last time for this trip) just to see if we had missed anything. ;)

Then to Cascade again.

Then to Rumah Tas (again).

We had dinner at Dago Tea House - SO NOT RECOMMENDED!!! Nyesal tak pi Kampung Daun that night.

End of Day 4

p/s: Eh, baru sedar tiada gambar yang berkaitan on the 4th day.

p/p/s: Yang sebenarnya dah takde mood nak update. :P