Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Songel Anak Saya Akhir-Akhir Ini

What is songel?

Anyways, it has been weeks that my daughter seems to be liat to go to the school. At first, we thought maybe she was just too sleepy to go to school. So gave her a break and let her stay at home with CMM.

But then, she'd behave like that like everyday! Takkan takde rasa nak jumpa/main dengan kawan-kawan langsung, no?

So, okay, we gave her some slack - she stayed at home whenever her tantrum was unbearable to us in the morning. Until one day, she told me that she cut her hair and said "Sophia nak rambut macam Mama...". SHE CUT HER HAIR HERSELF with a pair of scissors! My golly! (Don't worry, if I get the chance, I'll snap a picture of her hairstyle).


This morning, she didn't want to wear her school uniform (I've skipped the story of her resistance to go to school today). And we let her be. Janji ko pergi sekolah, nak...