Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Today Is Wednesday

Urgh, I so can't wait for Friday!

Well, last night I told in my blog that I didn't have dinner, didn't I? Want to know what exactly that I had for lunch yesterday?


Look at the desserts. LOOK AT THEM!

Okay, that Pavlova was a direct impact from K Zia's post - twingin, kecuq, meleleh habis ayaq liuq....

Memang sedap Pavlova tu. Memang kena lah strawberry and the meringue (I think it is meringue) bottom with whipped cream in the middle. But I heart the Blackberry (not the phone :p)-Apple Crumble more. The third dessert was err.. something called Frangipani (with peaches) - didn't like it!

Okay, ini gambar SELEPAS

Sekian sahaja laporan buruk lantak saya. ;)