Monday, September 7, 2009

The Kite Runner

I like the book. I like the way Khaled Hosseini wrote it. It's beautiful.

But at some point (in the book), specifically when Amir went back to Afghanistan where he met a guy who happened to know her late mother and Assef his childhood foe, was kinda 'boring' to me.

Oh, did I mention that this book was about Afghans? It was a story of 2 good friends; Amir and Hassan. And did I mention that they were actually adik-beradik susuan? Both of them were not nursed by their own mothers, but Amir's father paid another woman to nurse them.

All in all, this book (to me) was not really a page-turner, but the story (Amir) character that Hosseini created was alive. Like he really existed.

My next action is to watch the movie.