Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kuala Lumpur – Bandaraya Rempit

I know some people say Penang is worse (can somebody confirm this?)

Today was my first day going to work after (more than) a week long holiday.

Oh no, let me rephrase that.

Today was my first day going BACK from work after (more than) a week long holiday. For the record, I wore my previous years fugly Kebaya because I didn’t have the RIGHT panties to go with my desired pressed pants. (I’ve cursed the laundry shop I used to send my clothes for pressing and still haven’t manage to find another laundry shop).

Okay, back to the topic. Today was also my very first day after (more than) a week long holiday <-- do I have to repeat this again? driving in the mad traffic of Kuala Lumpur. Total madness!

Or maybe, I felt as if it was a total madness because… I was away for too long.

I couldn’t believe when some motorcyclist honked(or rather beeped) me for giving signals to switch lane. Damn you, I was polite enough for not just switching lanes like Ronaldinho (ewah, nak quote nama footballer pulak… macam kenal… eh, tapi Ronaldihno kenal…. :P) a non-Malaysian professi0nal soccer player genteling the soccer ball.

What I’ve learnt today was, there’s no point of driving a heavy car or a low torque car where the momentum (MV) is high because you can’t rempit easily with those cars.

I'm glad that I bought one sempit rempit car.