Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Lovely Bones

Ehem, ehem... I can now read unwrapped books (betapa 'sakit'nya aku sebelum-sebelum ini). :P

I was kinda afraid to read the books at night, when everybody was asleep, when the night was quiet. Like seriously. I was not sure what I was afraid of - either (the dead) Susie, or Mr Harvey.

I love the beginning of the book (at the same time takott :P). But I have to say that the ending is quite disappointing. I expect the book is about Susie and Mr Harvey only - (baru thrill gitu ala-ala kes pembunuhan Banting :p), but... apparently the book is about a neighborhood (dah macam Desperate Housewives la pulak). Agak caca-marba jugak lah senang cakap...

Whatever it is, "awal-awal je dah rasa meremang tengkuk". That's all I can say about the book.

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