Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quiet And Peaceful

It's 11:11 PM and the house is quiet now. Peaceful.

I've been meaning to update this blog for like several days ago (what a long time, heh?). You don't know how much I miss updating my blog like 3 times (sometimes more) a day, how much I miss blog-hopping and thus how much I miss READING and dropping comments.

Usually during time like this, I read (books). Or, window shopping (after I found some interesting sites only recently), or... errmm Twittering(?)

Well today we didn't go out of the house, did not go anywhere, did not go to the Kids' Gym. What I did was just being a typical homemaker - did laundry, prepare breakfast prepared lunch (I made Aglio Olio, very easy yo!), sidai baju (the dryer is out of order, pfft!!!), entertained the kids and that's all.

We (especially Sophia) felt happy staying at home today. Boy I was surprised.

p/s: Am reading Dorothy Koomson's Marshmallows for Breakfast (still on page 17). Boringgggg... Err, follow her on Twitter(??). :P