Friday, December 28, 2007

K.B.I (Kek Bant*t Investigation)

After having a very hard time making Choc Brownies (Anamiraa knew about this), I tried baking Orange Bant*t Butter Cake (Anamiraa knew about this too. I'll try to post the recipe in my kitchen later). And this was the result:

The Orange 'Bant*t' Cake (How's that?)

It was actually not my first experience. I had baked Bant*t cuppies i.e Nepolitan Chocolate Chips Cupcakes (Rizza knew about this - remember we chatted masa mak sakit mata tu?. I'll try posting the picture here later) some time in September 2007.

I wonder where did it I go wrong? Terlebih pukul ka? Salah resepi ka?

And, and.... I made this

NOT!!!!! Itu bayang-bayang imaginasiku sahaja , ini dia nye ha

Gambar ihsan HP ku