Monday, December 31, 2007

To Alma Or Not To Alma

Despite of feeling broke and in the process of getting an Ergo, I am wondering and still don't know if I should not get an Alma. *Sigh*

Seriously speaking, I do not fancy anymore possessing so many handbags. To me, it is enough to have 1 leather handbag for work (it must not be Red, silly!!), 1 casual handbag and 1 clutch for dinner (how many handbags should a woman have actually and macam mana dan di mana korang simpan semua harta karun itu? Please advise). The same rule goes with shoes (Heh??!!, even my daughter has 3 pairs of shoes, 1 pair of boots and 4 pairs of slip-ons termasuk lah slipper Tesco). NOT!!!!

I hate it when I have to feel guilty to let go my handbags because I do not any more space to store them and they look so bersepah in my wardrobe (both Hubby and I have this obsessive-compulsive disorder personality).

And after a series of thought SMS with Madam Za, I decided that I should have it.

I chose to
Alma (and Ergo lah pasal dah order!!)