Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You Know What We Did Last Raya?

At this time (a day before Syawal), we were still in the hospital (we checked out later in the afternoon) - Sofea was admitted due to bronchitis last year. Read the full story here.

We celebrated last raya at my Granny's in Muar. Nothing unusual at that time except for Sofea had her first quite-deep wound on her left eyebrow. When we at the kampung, people didn't stop asking us what had happened to her eyebrow and we like had to repeat our default anwser, "Sofea terhantuk bucu meja" before they even finished their question! :P

But we got the impression that people perceived us as incapable of looking after our own daughter. Whatever!

Anyways, Raya in my kampung was not different from my Husband's kampung. The gathered family members would prepare food a day before Syawal and we would buka puasa with our Raya dish on the last day of Ramadan. The food of course were different. In my kampung, we don't eat pulut or any variations of it (including lomang, yo!).

Visiting relatives is a must for both kampungs. But Hubby was a little bit of culture shocked when we were only served kuih rayas during our visits. That's how we raya in my kampung, dear. On the other hand, I too was culture shocked in Hubby's kampung when we were served heavy food i.e ketupat, laksa, and such at EVERY house we visited! Man, it was a feast when raya in Hubby's kampung.

Well, that's the story of our previous Rayas. Till the next Raya! SHRA, MZB.

p/s: I knew most of us had gone to our kampungs but heck, I was itchy (damn itchy) to update my blog anyways.