Monday, September 15, 2008

Kelabu Mata Hitamku

On Friday, feeling dejected as a result from the Chilli's incident, I went to an optometry shop (namely ENGLAND OPTICAL, Midvalley, G floor - haa amik.. nasib no. kedai mak tak ingat) to replenish my contact lens supply.

At first, I felt insulted by the way the SA talked to me. She said (something like) this after checking my power through my glasses, "You have 2 different powers, so you have to buy 2 boxes. That'll cost you RM200".

I was like, "Yeah, so?". Eiii... Pilipino ni, aku rasa nak sepak je dia masa tu tau. Takkan lah itu pun ko nak bgtau aku?

"Okay, let's check your eyes there". She pointed at the usual eye-checking machine (you know lah, kan the machine).

"Okay, now the optometrist will check your eyes".

To cut the story, after having a session the dark room, I have the same power for both eyes. 175 y'all! Sudah naik, ka? But the optometrist recommended 200 for my right eye because of astigmatism. I settled with 175, anyways. Ketegaq sungguh ;)

Before checking out, I saw this color contact lens which I'd been longing for. I think like the ones you bought lah, Mektwain, buy 2 free 1. And I took 2 3 boxes lah, because buy 2, free 1 maa. Dan pakai terus kat kedai, ok?

I'd had once worn a pair of color contact lenses before (color violet lagi, ok...macam haram). Oh, pandanganku sangatlah kabur because of the color at the side of the lens. I thought it would be the first and the last experience wearing color contact lenses. And last Friday, I tried it once again. The same thing happened jugak lah - kabur dan susah nak fokus.

Maybe, it's not the color that makes one outstanding or attractive (if I may add), but rather because that person dok jegil-jegilkan mata dia (sampai nak terkeluar biji mata) sebab nak fokus; LIKE ME! Ngeeeee....

Care to share your experience wearing color contact lenses?

Oh, sangatlah tiruan! :P

Yang ni pulak, gambar yang takde kena-mengena. Tp lihatlah mataku yang bengkak itu! Tah apa-apa.

Did I cry in my sleep?

P/s : When I say kelabu mata hitamku, I didn't just mean it literally. Got it? ;)