Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bandung Day 2

Our second day began as early as 9.00 a.m. (local time). The main itenary on this day was to visit Tangkuban Parahu, situated at the north of Bandung. I think the journey to Tangkuban Parahu took about an hour or so.

As we were getting nearer to the area, we saw many small shops selling rabbits for eating purposes. MANY! I was thinking of asking the driver to stop by at any stall, but suddenly thought "What if the sellers have this 'Once seen considered sold' principal?" Duhh... tapi takut lah kannn...

So we went straight to Tangkuban Parahu. The place was scenic, but the touts were very very VERY annoying. I think the number of touts were even more than the number of visitors there. Damn, they were really annoying...

And,... Sophia managed to persuade us for a ride on a pink-jambul pony! I guessed she imagined that she rode on Unicorn - Mechana-fly in Animal Mechanical. ;) By the way, the ride costed 40,000 Rupiah.

And the picture below is a picture of us walking up the hill with shops along the walk (and touts everywhere).

After Tangkuban Parahu, the next destination was Ciater Hot Spring pool. We thought, it would be fun for us especially the kids as they could splish-splash and refresh themselves there. Well, our thoughts were wrong indeed. The water was damn hot, even us (the adults) did not dare to soak ourselves in it.

We went for lunch right after that at Rumah Makan Brebes. GILO TAK SEDAP (for me)! With the set-up and ambiance of the eatery, the price was not worth every (thousand) Rupiah at all.

Ikan Gurame Goreng (Ikan Gelama kot kalau kat sini. ENTAH...)

Did I tell you that before reaching the Tangkuban Parahu area, there were many strawberry-picking sites along the road? Strawberry-picking is a recommended activity in Bandung if you are traveling with kids. They'll enjoy it so much! ;)

Our shopping activity resumed at Anakecil Boutique - a factory outlet that sells kids' clothing. Now, this was what I called H.A.V.E.N for Sophia's clothes. Yum, yum...

She wanted it and she got it. Perasan glam kejap ;)

We didn't buy so much for Sophia although Hubby insisted that we borong pukal from this boutique. I told him "No" (mak mithali katanya) because actually, I had just borong pukal for her from Mothercare just before we took off to Bandung. :(

Then we were brought to Heritage and Cascade. Cascade was a nice place to shop while Heritage, agak berterabur susunannya.

Inside Heritage

Ini muka kesian 1000 Rupiah - baru lepas muntah-muntah

Okay now, come to my favorite factory outlet - The Secret. I loved it even more than Rumah Mode or Cascade. This was where I shopped till I (almost) drop. Borong tak hengat (dan tak berhemat), y'all... And Hubby loved it too because it had Wifi. ;) I don't think I took any pictures at The Secret (because I was too occupied). :P

Dinner was at Sierra restaurant - a fusion restaurant. Just look at each face; ada yang masam, ada yang tak masam tapi serabai, ada yang tak masam, tak serabai tapi kilat semacam (tak tahu sebab apa). :P

End of day 2.