Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bandung Day 3

Day 3 was when we went to visit Kawah Putih. The place is situated in South Bandung and the journey took about 2.5 hours (lalu tol bagai dan entah berapa banyak pekan yang telah kami rentasi). Bapok lama! But the place was worth visiting. It was a very very very beautiful place. Subhanallah!

We were very asyik menikmati pemandangan until Sophia and I were suffocated with the Sulfuric gas at the place. Giloss, I thought we were going to die there :P.

The Cave of Golden Rose Sulfuric Gas

On our way down the hill, we stopped at one Strawberry orchard and did the strawberry-picking activity. Like I told you before, the kids enjoyed it so much! And we were glad that they were happy. The picked strawberries were then weighed and we paid according to their rates (maybe a couple of thousands Rupiah per kg). Oh, we also bought Strawberry dodol there.

You know what? Those strawberries that Sophia and I picked dah selamat bertukar menjadi dadih semalam.

Next place was Sindang Reret restaurant - a Sundanese restaurant. Yes, it was makan time. I just let the pictures do the talking here.

Our first and final shopping destination on Day 3 was Toko Tiga - the jeans shop. Well, someone REALLY borong pukal there and that person was certainly not me. (Not that I didn't buy any pair though).

We had dinner at Sate Shinta restaurant. I thought sate kelinci or better known as sate arnab was served there, but not! (as if I dared to try, duhh...). Their sate was different from our sate, but very delicious and unique!

The gravy for the sate

End of Day 3.