Sunday, May 17, 2009


I bought a couple of long T-shirts from Munawwarah that day.

I loved them after trying them in the boutique but back at home, I feel like they are so not me! Hmm... hmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Oh, by the way, I am longing to say this:
I love to shop in Shop 16 (in other words, I hate doing shopping in Shop 14).

Not because of the different collections they place in each shop, but more to their staff - in Shop 16, the staff are friendlier and more accommodative than the ones in Shop 14 (well, not EVERY staff in Shop 14 on that particular day, but rather this one particular person whom I seldom see her face). *Sigh* I hate saying that... But it should not happen in the very first place. :|

That's why I'd rather drop in Shop 16 than having to enter Shop 14. Scary, scarrry... (gila tak, kalau dah sampai rasa nak avoid sesuatu kedai tu, maknanya apa?)