Monday, August 3, 2009

The Disturbing Story

It was true, after I completed all HP books, I didn’t feel like reading any other books. Part of it was because I didn’t think that there would be another book that is as interesting as HP books. Well, the other part was because I was still mourning over Snape’s death (Yes, I really think that I should move on).

On an unrelated point, I gave poor rating on the Twilight saga books. Did you ever wonder why? Because I read Twilight right after I read several HP books. Huhu…

Okay, having known the factors that suppressed my desire to move on, I thought I must read something that is (not necessarily as interesting and as addictive as HP books, but) strong enough to distract me from continuing to mourn over Snape’s death.

And this book really had distracted me for awhile. The story was so disturbing that I don’t even want to remember the book’s title. Right now, the word ‘it’, ‘hideous’ and ermm… (ok, let’s just leave with those two first) will certainly remind me of the story.

Believe me, if you think placing hot iron on any kid's body part is mean enough, if you think beating kids (like they're dogs) is mean enough, than there’s not word can describe the ‘Mother’ in this book. She was not even close to animal, she was lower than that. She is lower than the lowest animal in this world. I wish she rot in hell rather slowly.

Don’t read the book. *Erasing the memory of the book in my mind*